Not All Camels Are In The Desert

Not All Camels Are In The Desert

An amazing personal story of a life turned around

Pam Gockley is co-founder and CEO of Vigilant Corp, a technology company, and a college graduate, author of three books and numerous national magazine articles, a subject expert, internationally known speaker, and is the recipient of numerous awards for achievement and development.

Perfect, right? But that’s not all there is to Pam. Early in her life, she dropped out of school, experienced poverty, bullying, despair, depression, obesity, rebelliousness, lack of self-esteem, drug abuse, run-ins with the law, and worse.

The turning point can when giving a talk to the at-risk students at a local high school. The students were engaged and attentive while sharing her story. It was when she shared the felony the students sat front in their seats. "A few people in my support network encouraged me to tell my story. It was not until that moment that I saw the need and the good that could come for helping students know they are not alone and there is another way," says Gockley. "Maybe it needs to be told."

Gockley not only shares her story in this unique book but she outlines how she was able to focus and reach her goals. RI allowed the natural instinct of wanting more and combined with curiosity fueled her desire to get out of the society set comfort zones and challenge status-quo. She is the leading expert on Reputation Intelligence (RI). RI formalized the process she used and now teaches to others.  With a resume that includes creating twelve start-up businesses, writing and publishing three books and is a lead expert in the field of Reputation. She received numerous awards for achievement.  Traveled the country speaking to groups about her innovation and expansion development of Reputation Intelligence.

Now Pam wants to share her amazing, life-changing story to Inspire, Motivate, Educate and may even Give Hope to youths and adults struggling to find their path in life. Her warm and engaging,  but frank, honest and down-to-earth style will make you cry, laugh and inspire you, all at the same time. This book is for everyone, young and old, young teen to adult who has ever been labeled and put in a box and is ready to bust out of that box and smash those labels. Learn how to build self-awareness and find your real, authentic self.

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Pam Gockley